Set van 3 Tuin-chrysant roest bloemen op tuinsteker - Klein, middel en groot

€176,00 EUR €160,00 EUR

Set of 3 rust flowers small, medium and large now from 176 euros for 160 euros incl. FREE shipping
Brocante rust flowers
These beautiful brocante rust flowers are made by a French artist in France. These beautiful flowers are a top item for in or around the house. There is a hanging hook so that the rust flower can also easily be attached to the wall. This rust flower is very unique because of the perforated leaves, also nice to place mood light behind it, for example. The rust flower comes with a rust garden plug with which you can put the rust flower in the ground.

The rust flower including plug is approximately 145 cm high.n) 
Small rust flower 30 cm in diameter, medium rust flower 50 cm in diameter, large rust flower 65 cm in diameter.
Price is for 3 cutters and 3 rust flowers: Rose small, Rose medium and Rose large.

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